Provide practical solutions to complex problems

THE REMEDIATION GROUP, Inc. provides experienced, “real world”, management and consultation for projects involving environmental and hazardous waste issues. Our work is mostly focused on the redevelopment of contaminated “brownfield” properties with the potential for gainful reuse. We take a goal-oriented approach and prefer to solve rather than just study problems.

Our firm is intentionally small so that we can dedicate at least one of our principals, thereby providing a very experienced resource, to every project. Because of our experience, every aspect of our work is geared towards achieving the project’s ultimate objective. We deliver results with integrity, innovation, cost effectiveness, and a continuous commitment to our clients.

THE REMEDIATION GROUP, Inc. provides environmental remediation, construction management, project management and consulting services for all facets of the manufacturing, real estate, financial, legal and development communities. We make high demands on ourselves to help you complete your project, comply with the law, enhance your business, and protect yourself from the liabilities and burdens associated with environmental concerns.