The real test of a successful project is not just getting the job done, but getting it done on time and within budget. The Remediation Group’s philosophy and approach is to partner with our clients to deliver the best economics, reduced project times, and superior results. We have a reputation for disciplined and reliable project management and an ability “make water flow downhill”. We proudly look out for our client’s best interests and believe that kind of service distinguishes us from our competitors.

Senior Professionals:

Christoph Jennings
Principal Engineer

Mr. Jennings has served in broadly based, multidisciplinary, capacities ranging from senior technical consultant to facilities manager in a wide variety of waste management and civil engineering related work. In over twenty years of professional experience he has achieved almost universal success in completing projects on time and within budget. He is sought after for his pragmatic, straight-forward approach, problem-solving abilities, and his practice of “big-picture” engineering. He is expert in remedial investigations, remedial action design and planning, facility permitting, brownfield redevelopment, project accounting, and construction management.


James Ordons
Principal Geologist

Mr. Ordons has managed hundreds of projects over his twenty-year professional career that addressed concerns posed by soil and groundwater quality issues. His extensive experience and thorough understanding of geotechnical, construction, and regulatory issues related to solving environmental problems, enable him to provide his clients with a unique set of skills that produces results measured both in time and costs.


Daniel Lent
Senior Consultant

Daniel Lent brings an unparalleled knowledge of the environmental and infrastructure conditions at the San Francisco Bay Area’s closed military bases. In his former position as Environmental Department Head and Division Director, he was extensively involved in the base closure process including the military’s post-cosure real estate evaluations, environmental cleanup estimates, and re-use planning. He now brings this knowledge together with his long-standing contacts within the Navy’s military and civil service hierarchy to the private and public real estate market. His aim is to help his clients to facilitate the conversion of suplus military property to practical civilian use. He specializes in public works engineering and remediation issues with a particular focus on accelerating and creating financial mechanisms for the needed environmental cleanup process.