Project Management – This represents the majority of our work. We provide the experience, focus, and management ability to keep a project on track and within a framework defined by our clients. Based on the range and depth of our experience, we organize and coordinate your project so that your best interests are served.

Project Assessment – This is one of our strengths. We will review and evaluate your project to determine if an alternative approach,different technology, or a reevaluation of acceptable risk will produce more effective and economical services. We can provide these services on a contingency fee basis whereby the owner incurs no additional costs and we are compensated based on a percentage of the savings we are able to produce.

Peer Review – We pride ourselves in our standards of excellence and our ability to “sweat the details”. We have provided peer review services to clients who have been identified as potentially responsible parties to remedial actions being performed by others. We review and evaluate this work in the interests of our clients. Is it comprehensive? What are the impacts and technical implications? We have provided this service within the framework of CERLA, RCRA, CWA, and state and local environmental regulatory programs.

Facility Permitting – The process of gaining an environmental use permit is long, complicated,and expensive. At best, this process is bureaucratic; at worst, it can defy the best business plans. We can help. We will define and describe a project, organize and complete a permit application, and shepherd it through its review and comment process. We have provided such services for permits promulgated by federal, state, and local jurisdictions and for various media including solid wastes, air, water, and hazardous materials.

Military Base Closure – Our services are geared towards facilitating and accelerating the restoration and transfer of surplus military property for practical reuses. We provide a hands-on historical knowledge of the base closures and have administrative contacts both inside and outside of the military. We can liasion with the military to provide specific fair market value estimates for specific real estate and are familiar with base infrastructures. We can negotiate military funding and manage base environmental cleanups.

Environmental Services General Management – “Turn Key” is not always the best way to go. The environmental services field is increasingly competitive and significant cost savings can be realized by segmenting large projects and soliciting the services of specialized suppliers for each portion of the project. We provide such services.